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Yantra Shastra

Yantra shastra is actually a type of procedure in which the astrologers find and detect the negative effects of vastu dosha and get them corrected by the vastu yantra. This] Yantra is usually made of the royal treasure or the metal for the instance gold, copper or silver and also helps in deciding ill after the wrong placements of the house of any other type of vastu dosha.

There are many houses which have varied with the problem of vastu dosha and as well as they are incurable and never be rectified with the ease while in these types of places vastu yantra is the one and only method to balance the level of the energy there.

Vastu Yantra is an intro that is actually placed under the surface level of earth and mainly during the foundation or just installed inside the house at some haunted places like when the Pooja room is followed by some due rituals. Vastu Yantra ‘s actual work is to regulate the pleasant and positive vibration in the place where you are living it do with just overtaking all the negativity and helps you to bring back the good luck with all the overall prosperity.

There are various types of vastu Yantra that are installed into the places for many specific purpose and as well to discard the malefic effects. There are many vastu Yantra but these are some of the popular ones.

Some of the top popular vastu yantra:
Vastu Dosh nivaran Yantra:
Shri Vastu Dosh nivaran Yantra is mainly used to pacify the malignant effect or Dosh of the house.

Durga bisa Yantra:
It is an effective yantra that has its own level of magnaminitu and outstanding charm.

Ganesha Yantra:
Ganesha is the prosperity, success and the main it is the god of wealth while Ganesha Yantra is a type of auspicious intro that is used in shops and homes.

Lakshmi narayan Yantra:
This yantra is a good symbol of the eternal bliss and the presence of omission that actually bestows all around prosperity and success in your house.

Vishnu Yantra:
This Yantra can be easily installed in any place to the accomplishment of tasks.

Prashna shastra
The Prashna Shastra branch of astrology is yet another a unique and great division, branch of the Vedic astrology. Whenever you ask a question to the astrologer that is actually based on the current time at which your question is asked, actually the main purpose for making a horoscope is for that actual date and time.

With the help of these kinds of charts the astrologer can easily predict about all the events which are actually going to take place. There are many types of the prashna systems and also itself, it is a separate kind of science.

Normally and usually the prashna chart is studied along with your chart of birth that helps them to give an additional information about yourself to easily predict the results more correctly. Gochara or the transits of the planets are the other great zodiac instrument that is used by the astrologers to time a particular event.

The position of the planets in your birth chart is always fixed. These planetary placements and the dasas are those that you are actually going through as per the birth chart that you have.

At the exact same time as these are the planets that are in heaven are constantly and always on the move. It is also said that the dasas and the natal chart are what exactly that you have inherited from all your past and as well as the gochara is the main interplay of the present with your recent past.

The utmost first and most recent study of the positions of the main nine planets are actually transiting in the zodiac that is done from the janma rasi or maybe from the position of the moon in the chart natal. After that all their positions from the other planets list, houses, etc are predicated of from the one's birth chart.