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Signaturology Workshops

Signature has the power to assess the mind.
The nature of the signature will change according to the nature of the letters in the signature. signature can decide one`s fate If the lucky signature is properly used,
a) There will be great development in business and profession. Business will scale great heights promotion will be enjoyed. For success in job a high frequency signature helps.
b) Evil thought will be removed. Good thought will occur. There will be enthusiasm in thought.
c) Business will attract all.. the face will become charming and happy .
d) The whole world can be ruled.
e) There will be good understanding between husband and wife .
f) Lucky name and lucky signature will bring in lucky life all the work undertaken will be successful.

Lucky signature will result in healthy family , healthy mind, business promotion, success in profession, harmony between husband and wife, business development , fame and step –by- step success. Life will become comfortable and pleasurable. The house and the nation will together become prosperous.

Signature will change the destiny of man. Science will win over the destiny of man . Numerology is the magical science that helps mankind to live happily. These disciplines will bring mankind to the highest developed stage.

Next to a persons lucky name, his signature has a lot of powers. It should be a lucky signature. When we put our signature in English we use the small letters. There are those in whose signature each letters is distinctly written. You can read the name in the signature. Such signature should be avoided. A person who writes his name clearly in the name of a signature will face many sufferings in life. His life will be a continuous struggle.

A person’s signature should not be readable. One can write the name of the other as himself writes it. But it is difficult to put the other person’s signature.

Signature is nothing, but a sign . It is a sign mark of one’s identity. The vibrations of our name act through the brain, pass through the blood vessels and take a form through the actions of the nerves at the centre of the right palm. The signature thus marked decides the fate of any person. It reflects one’s destiny.

Lucky signature will bring them all kinds of luck. Their business will improve. The employees will get their promotions. There will be perfect amity between the husband and wife. There will be such a great be love between them. Money, fame, positions will all reach them as a matter of course. Their trade will increase in volume and bring huge profits.

All the mysteries of man’s life are contained in numbers and letters. The sound of letters work through the brain cells to contribute to the dynamics of life and gives success.

Lucky signature brings prosperous life. All intentions will be fulfilled. Life is to be lived. The principal factors that decide man’s success and failure are is name and signature. If a signature is made rich in luck one need not be afraid of any bad time or situation. Lucky signature brings a lot of great things to life.

The size, slant and height of the signature should be monitored in accordance with the lucky number. When the signature is devised in accordance with matching standards between letters with the powers of a charm and its number, such signature will definitely bring success in life . Though there are many different disciplines of prediction in the world, it is only numerology and Namelogy that remains the foremost of them all. In indicates both the nature of the subjects and results of names and numbers associated with them.

When a person puts his signature , he has to incorporate the initials also. There should be no full stop between the initials and the name. The signature should slant upwards.

A signature that slants upwards will give an upward swing to the business. Every effort will be crowned with success. The mind will become full with contentment. One will come to have a strong mind that could achieve any thing on earth. One will have a virtuous partner in life. The body will have the glistening of health. The face will have the glare of inimitable attraction. Success in any endeavor will be assured.