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nadi astrology training by shivam guruji

Nadi Astrology Training

Nadi Astrology is a kind of Hindu astrology followed by ancestors which is very different. It is a belief as exact science was foreseen by the astrologer about the past, present and also the future of all the human beings which will not tell only about this rather it also provides a solution for some problems and it avoids misfortunes. It is not that easy as we say the main secret behind the Nadi astrology is palm leaves, only the one who is an expert in that could read it. Several years prior, there were awesome Sages or Rishis, who had the vision of looking it, know the eventual fate of anyone on earth. These expectations were composed on Palm Leaves in a specific script and these leaves are utilized to foresee the eventual fate of individuals in nowadays by Nadi Jyothists.

Nadi Astrology is an important blessing gave over to us by our predecessors. Nadi Shastra is an old art of predicting something. Long years ago the sages can investigate the past, present and eventual fate of individuals, who existed and who were to take birth in future. These sages composed these expectations on palm leaves in a specific script. In Nadi Shastra, the thumb impression of a man is taken to distinguish the specific leaf which gives the person expectations. Every thumb impact on has around 108 perspectives to it like Shanka Rekha, Chandra Rekha, Chakra Rekha and so forth… These parts of thumb impression are utilized to find the closest heap of Nadi leaves and after that, the individual had a session with the Nadi joythisi to count with the individual and family points of interest of the individual. The specific leaf which contains the individual and family points of interest will be distinguished and the Nadi joythisi reads out and records the accurate expectations of the individual.

Types of Nadi:
1. Nadi
2. Mantra kala nadi
3. Tantra nadi

How the Nadi Astrology Training/Course helps the Students?
The training makes you more comfort by clearing all the doubts and expert in the field. Nadi astrology mainly deals with all the necessaries of life ie about health, wealth, travel, career etc. The students are also trained to read the palm leaf which is highly impossible to read from normal people. Overall this training is to make you expert in Nadi astrology; one must use their skills in a proper way under the training.

The Nadi Astrology is a branch in Astrology and this is completely different than other astrology where you can learn only from expert people.

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