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Way to Success in only through Shivam Guruji
Sri Shivam guruji is one of the successful person in Asia who is very much specialised in Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. Where he inspires a lot of people and knows the fundamentals to be a successful trader who gives training by using the Ichimoku software. The training helps many people to be a successful trader. His training involves the process of trading strategy for those who are new to this field. Sri Shivam guruji mentors in an efficient way to gain the knowledge and about the tool which helps you to take out the profit from the markets.

Why should you use the ichimoku cloud?

With so many indicators included in charting packages why should a trader focus on only one like the ichimoku cloud?

In reality , the answer to the question is rather simply . I believe the cloud is the best indicator in the whole world and is more effective then any other signal . the cloud is unique in the fact that has current , past and future components that can be used as key level or to project potential future price action . although this is the main reason I love the cloud so much , there are other important reason as well .

One of the best things about the cloud is that not very many people know how to use it everyone boiling bands and moving averages but the cloud is used for less in practice . why is this a good thing you might ask ?

In the age of algorithmic trading , many high frequency trading firms will try and run the stop of weaker traders . they target level based on where they believe people will have stops in place . since people tend to put stops in at levels derived from other , more common studies , it is easier for the high frequency trader to take them out . if a trader uses the cloud to set stops and targets it is not likely there are a lot of order traders at thus same level . this means that my stop won’t be targeted as much as they would if I used more popular studies .

There cloud is also one of the only indicators I know puff that is forward looking . the slope and thickness of the future cloud also tells me how strong the trade is can also provide an early warning when a trend is above to reverse . we can use the forward projection of the cloud to time entries and exist as well . I also like cloud because it takes in to account much more data than simple or exponential moving averages do .

The POWER of the Ichimoku Cloud Trading Strategy!
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo strategy is time tested & use by professionals around No other Ichimoku trading robot has every been offered with this much customization or features. Thousands of traders around the world have already taken advantage of this amazing trading strategy with huge success. The fact we have added additional confirmation features such as the moving average rule and the Stochastic rule, takes and already powerful trading strategy and amplifies it.

Some traders make the assumption that the Ichimoku trading strategy is best used on Asian pairs because of the name. This in fact is incorrect! The Ichimoku strategy is a tool that is used to gauge support and resistance levels at a glance. In fact, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo translates into "Equilibrium chart at a glance".

The Ichimoku kinko hyo strategy has 4 internal moving values that give the system a signal to Buy or Sell. In short, if the price closes outside of the cloud this will be a confirmation signal

The rules are simple, and systematic. The system will pay attention to the main Ichimoku indicators: Tenkan, Kinji, Chinkou, and Senkou lines. For added benefit, we have integrated a moving average and Stochastic setting as well. In our testing we have found that the best way to use the Ichimoku EA is using the original Ichimoku theory.

The Ichimoku indicator consists of five lines which may all serve as flexible support or resistance lines, whose crossovers may as well be assumed as additional signals:
1. Tenkan-Sen (Conversion line, blue)
2. Kijun-Sen (Base line, red)
3. Senkou Span A (Leading span A, green boundary of the cloud)
4. Senkou Span B (Leading span B, red boundary of the cloud)
5. Chikou Span (Lagging span, green)
Kumo (Cloud) is a central element of the Ichimoku system and represents support or resistance areas. It is formed by Leading Span A and Leading Span B.

Determining the trend persistence and corrections:
i) Price moving above the cloud indicates an uptrend
ii) Price moving below the cloud indicates a downtrend
iii) Price moving within the cloud indicates a sideways trend
iv) Cloud turning from green to red indicates a correction during an uptrend
v) Cloud turning from red to green indicates a correction during a downtrend
Determining support and resistance:

i) Leading span A serves as a first support line for an uptrend
ii) Leading span B serves as a second support line for an uptrend
iii) Leading span A serves as a first resistance line for a downtrend
iv) Leading span B serves as a second resistance line for a downtrend

Strong Buy/Sell signals occurring above the cloud:
i) Conversion line crosses Base line up from below is a signal to buy
ii) Conversion line crosses Base line down from above is a signal to sell

Less reliable Buy/Sell signals occurring within the cloud:
i) Conversion line crosses Base line up from below is a signal to buy

ii) Conversion line crosses Base line down from above is a signal to sell

1. Tenkan & Kijunsen
Crosses: The Tenkan must cross the Kijunsen for new signal

2. The Chinkou direction represents "Buy" if up or "Sell" if down: Additionally this value must be ABOVE the Senkou-B Span level for a "Buy" example.

3. The cloud rule:
FOR SELL = Senkou-A MUST be GREATER than Senkou-B value
FOR BUY = Senkou-A MUST be LOWER than Senkou-B value

4. Ichimoku Kumo Breakout EA
Buy when closing price crosses up the cloud
(with shift option and minimum distance between closing and the cloud);

- Sell when closing price crosses down the cloud
(with shift option and minimum distance between closing and the cloud);

5. Works on 5 strategies in combination:
For long signal:
1) Tenkan Sen / Kijun Sen Cross
2) Price is greater than cloud (spanA and spanB)
3) Tenkan > cloud
4) Kijun > cloud
5) Chikou > cloud opposite for sell signal

6. Works on 3 Strategies, singularly or together:
1) Tenkan Sen / Kijun Sen Cross
2) Kijun Sen Cross/price
3) Kumo Breakout

7. Buys (sell) when Chinkou crosses over (under) the close
confirm long (short) if close above (below) cloud
confirm long (short) if Chinkou above (below) cloud

8. Works on 4 Strategies, singularly or together, with lots of options:
1) Kijun Signals
2) Tenkan Signals
3) Senkou Signals
4) Kumo Width Filter