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Workshop on Health

Health is Wealth – Truth or Myth!
It is said that Health is Wealth and most truly it is because, without health a person is unable to live life, let alone enjoy it. Remaining healthy is one of the basic necessities of life but with all the rather unhealthy temptations that man is surround with today, it becomes difficult and slightly intimidating to remain healthy all the time.

Even people with complete knowledge of what is health and how to remain healthy succumb rather ungraciously to the various temptations, ending up eating what is not right for health.

The most commonly found excuse for unhealthy eating, in spite of knowing it is that it is “not every day” but just “sometimes”. True, this indulgence “sometimes” can become quite frequent and lead to various health issues that are brought about by wrong lifestyle mismanagement. The saying “health is wealth” is definitely true as all other things that are considered wealth can be earned once it is lost, but not health. Health of a person once deteriorated needs care and attention bother personal and medical to maintain it healthy and prevent further deterioration.

Health once affected can only be managed but very seldom brought back to the condition of complete wellness. Therefore to maintain a healthy life one has to take care in various factors of life that include:

Diet: A balanced diet is very significant in helping to maintain the nutritional levels in the body and with the right blend of minerals, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates all add up to provide a healthy diet for a person who intends to live a healthy life.

Physical Exercise: A major concern of today is the lack of physical exercise as people are too busy in the work life to make sufficient time for physical exercise.