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Workshops on Education

Role of Education in the World Today:
In the words of Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And that is why education is significant today as the world is facing very difficult times. The importance of education has never been more emphasized than it is now.

With the world progressing at a speed never known before, education gives us the power to keep pace with the growth and development. Starting right from the age of three, to adulthood and even beyond, an individual goes through different levels of education. From school to college, to specializations, the process of education continues, and the continuous process of education is further enhanced by the lessons learned through the various experiences of life.

Education, should not mean just gathering degrees, as they are mere sheets of paper if the knowledge gained in the process of gathering those sheets of papers is not shared, is not utilized and finally, is not made a tool to create a better world and to benefit mankind.

Education helps to realize objectives, create niches in which one is able to excel and then with that excellence able to generate more like-minded and creative people who are equally passionate about utilizing education to enhance the quality of life.

The bottom line is that, education is one area of life in which there is no discrimination of age or gender, no highs and lows, no questioning or reasoning, but plain and simple acquiring of knowledge.

Today, the words of Nelson Mandela, gains more significance, especially considering the various man-made divides that seems to rule the world. Education helps to destroy barriers as it gives individuals the ability to understand and appreciate each other.

Education encompasses a vast world of different subjects and gives the learner the opportunity to identify the subject in which one’s aptitude lies and take it further to become an expert in it.