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career astrology by shivam guruji

A Career Helps To Life A Better Life:

Competition and career problems are increasing day by day at work place and it is not easy to get your cherished promotion and maintain good relation with seniors/bosses. It is also not very easy to find the job you wish to have or looking for.

There are many career issues in our life. Are you unemployed and looking for a job? Are you worried about your career growth or want to re-plan it? Do you think it is not your kind of profession or promotion is being delayed or your relations are getting spoiled with your associates or seniors? Are you looking for career growth opportunities in a foreign country or want to know a about a suitable vocation as per your horoscope.

If, your answer is in "yes" with any above mentioned points, then you need to take help of our 2017 career astrology prospects report. After analyzing your horoscope, Navmansa, Dasmansa charts and all concerned planets and transit of all major planets we will predict about the following:
1. Timing of finding a new Job, if you're unemployed
2. Suitable vocation
3. Timing of promotion in this coming year, if possible.
4. Possibilities of suspension or reinstating in your job if you are suspended, if planets are indicating for the same.
5. Which one is better service or business?
6. How would be relations with seniors and associates in this year.
7. Will you have opportunities in a foreign land?
8. Remedies to minimize the ill effects of concerned