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shivam guruji

About Shivam Guruji

Astrology is the awakening of the soul, and education is the awakening of the mind and here we have tried to combine both. Educating people on astrology gives the power of preparing your life for the future, if you know what’s in store for you.

Sri Shivam Guruji uses both the platforms of education and astrology to spread the teachings of “Veda”, the “Mantra” that make the spiritual life of a person so pure and finally the “Homa” that ensure the elimination of all negative vibes from life. We endeavor to spread the message of Nadi Astrology and with more than 8 years of experience in Nadi Astrology, I am confident of being able to not only impart the teachings of astrology, but also the method of prediction to as many people around the world in the same way as we have been doing so successfully in Bangalore for almost 8 years now.

We plan on starting workshops and conducting classes consisting of crash courses of duration 7 days and 14 days. It is our belief that by educating the people on spirituality and astrology, and giving them an opportunity to earn by teaching them the technique of using the trading software, we are able to not only incorporate human values but also teach them the value of hard work and generating an income with it.

If you think you need to know a little about Nadi Jyothisham or Nadi Astrology, , we are waiting to hear from you.